Italian Facts for Children?

Answer When children are first learning about different cultures, it is important to share fun and interesting facts with them to enlighten and interest them in history and the way people live. Because th... Read More »

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Italian Crafts for Children?

Know for its delectable pasta dishes as well as its timeless Renaissance-style artwork and architecture, Italy is a rich source of inspiration for decorative crafts. Make learning enjoyable for chi... Read More »

Scottish Facts for Children?

Scotland is a land of inventions as well as myths and legends. Famous Scots include the poet, Robert Burns, and James Bond movie actor, Sean Connery. Most people know about Scotland's associations ... Read More »

Zebra Facts for Children?

Zebras are horses with stripes. Unlike horses, they have never been domesticated, and their skittish temperament and straight-back structure make them difficult to ride. They can walk, trot, canter... Read More »

Chimpanzee Facts for Children?

Chimpanzees live in Africa in habitats ranging from tropical rain forests to bamboo forests. Though chimps look like monkeys, they aren't. The difference between a chimpanzee and a monkey is the la... Read More »