It says there is 7 documents waiting to be printed, but nothing is printing. WHY?

Answer Some people will get a kick out of this answer:PC Load letter? What the F*** does that mean?Seriously though- other than the obvious, making sure there is paper and ink, try turning the power off/o... Read More »

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Printer is connected but not printing...I have 16 documents waiting.....?

try unplugging printer.Then reboot computer .then plug printer back in .May have to reinstall if this dont work If have to reinstall delete other printer first Good luck

Printer problem- documents waiting?

1. If this is a USB printer then simply unplug the printers USB cable and power off the printer. 2. Clear the print queue from your computer. 3. Power on the printer and let it go through it's star... Read More »

Transferring printed pages into documents?

Why not simply save the pages you wish then open your word and if need be simply select all and paste where you wish? I am sure you can also save to file and right click and covert as a word doc, n... Read More »

Help.. printer cuts off the edges of printed documents ?

Easiest way is to go to the "print" preview program in Internet Explorer. This will show you how it will print and you can choose "shrink to fit" which will make the text small but will usually ke... Read More »