It is okay not to undergo operation an old age who has fracture?

Answer It would depend on just how old, where the fracture was and how serious and the general health of the person.

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What do you do when you owe 7000 due to inadequate insurance for a hernia operation which was preapproved and then after the operation told your insurance only covers a lifetime max of 1000?

Answer Unfortunately, you owe the money. The best thing you can do is work out a payment schedule everyone can live with. Good luck.

If you have a baby who is due for a hydrocephalus operation what should you do before and after the operation?

Answer Could you please post back at let us know if your baby is having a "shunt" operation done and if not, what type of operation is your baby having? With a little more info we can research in... Read More »

Where do sperm undergo maturation?

According to the National Cancer Institute, sperm mature in the body of the epididymis, which is a convoluted tube inside the testis. The testis are suspended in a sac of skin called the scrotum, l... Read More »

When does a cell undergo mitosis?

Mitosis, a process that cells use to create daughter cells that have the same DNA as the original cells, takes place before cytokinesis and after interphase. Mitosis features different processes, i... Read More »