It is ok to directly copy the "video_ts" folder in a disc?

Answer Copy both the video_ts and the audio _ts. However, you need some conversion or playing software in order to be able to play that. It might be better if you just use a ripping software such as forma... Read More »

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If you download directly to a usb and then delete it from there, does that file have a copy on the hard drive?

It won't be saved on your hard disk.If you delete the file from your usb and you figured that you still need it, you can use an undelete software to recover it. However, sometimes the recovery soft... Read More »

Can you copy an app from the mobile applications folder to another computer?

Applications from the iTunes mobile applications folder can be backed up in an external hard drive or loaded onto another computer's mobile applications folder to sync an iPod Touch or iPhone to th... Read More »

How do I copy an icon& paste to a startup folder?

Windows XPRight-click on the "Startup" menu button and choose "Explore" from the context menu. Click on the "Programs" folder in the left window pane, locate the program you want to add to the star... Read More »

How do I copy pictures from a folder to a memory stick?

Copying Your PictureLocate and open the folder where the picture file you would like to copy is stored. If the picture is located in a folder on a CD or floppy disk, remember to first insert the CD... Read More »