It is illegal to take a video or picture in public?

Answer no it is not

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Is it illegal to run up bids at a public auction?

A fake bidder who is bidding on an auction to try to run up the price, usually in cooperation with the seller, is illegal. This practice is called shill bidding. Shill bidding is often hard to prov... Read More »

YouTube to MP3- is it illegal if the video is NOT a music video?

Pretty much the same idea, its pretty much always okay for private use:I will set the record straight for you then. It is okay to copy a song off of YouTube, as long as it's only going to be for pe... Read More »

Wouldnt walking home drunk from a bar in public be illegal?

Yup that can be illegal. As CB said as long as you are not an asz in public the law has no concern of you. It is only when a person is unable to get home safely that they become a problem for thems... Read More »

Picture quality problem when connecting video to TV with S-Video TV out?

Try vlc media player to watch it. It has an upconversion that should help. BTW it also upconverts from standard dvd to near hd quality, kinda.