It is illegal to take a video or picture in public?

Answer no it is not

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Is it illegal to take a picture of my computer and print it?

Yes it's illegal - you did not give him permission to print your pictures. Tell him you want ALL copies of your pictures. If he doesn't give you ALL copies, lay a charge with the Police.Do this bef... Read More »

How to take a picture of a video!!!?

i think print screen would work....simply push the prnt scrn key while viewing the video in full screen...preferably while it's paused at the spot that has the pic you want... then open paint or pr... Read More »

Can you take a picture on the flip video camera?

How do I take a picture of someone's head and put it in a video and what program would I use for that?

You would take a pic w/ jpeg compression then import it into the time line of whatever editing program you wanna use (FCP, Premiere, Avid, Vegas, imovie - as it should work pretty much the same wit... Read More »