It is against my religion to go to dr . any more...?

Answer Any religion that tells you to not use medicine or seek medical help for medical issues is crazy. Religion is for your mind and soul. Medicine is for your do realize that most medicines ... Read More »

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Which religion(s) are against vaccines?

Note that Lighty is wrong.Almost all Muslim spiritual leaders recognize the benefits of vaccine and are willing to overlook anything that might not meed their dietary restrictions.Likewise, the Cat... Read More »

My local KFC doesn't sell bacon because its against some peoples religion to eat. Is this unfair?

If the majority of clients of a particular business don't like something, then the business is smart to cater to them. If you try to do what EVERYBODY wants, you won't have any customers, so you g... Read More »

Do you follow a vegetarian diet because you are against animal slaughter or is it more of a health thing?

I'm wanting to become a vegan. I have a few reasons for wanting to being a vegan.... for example:- I don't support animal cruelty, I mean, I don't know who would. But I hate the fact that so many a... Read More »

Why are people so against teenage girls whereing more than concealer lipgloss and mascara?

Exactly. I feel the same way !! 1.) its the girls choice to wear makeup. Not other peoples2.) some girls do need it3.) they dont need to wear a ton but someProbably who says dont wear it is like a ... Read More »