It huuurts!! ouch!!?

Answer drink those little biosomething yoghurts, one per daydrink lots of watereat muesli, not cornflakeseat brown breadtry some fibogelprune juice

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Ouch! any advice?

It sounds like a muscle strain. Over use of any muscle causes tightness that does not like to be moved until the muscle comes to grips with what happened. Like a rubber band, muscles like to mainta... Read More »

Ok ouch! i have a cut?

Ouch!!!! Reali bad sunburn ....?

The best thing for sunburn is yoghurt... trust me is the best for this job.. I had a really bud sunburn the previous summer in Greece (I am Greek) and yoghurt make me feel better and my skin didn'... Read More »

How do i get rid of a killer hangover ouch?

Fluids. Water expecially. Hangover is partially from dehydration.