It hurts around my belly button...but it somewhat goes down after a while..?

Answer pain around your belly button can be caused by your small intestine disorder or an inflamation of your appendix.When to see your doctorThough most cases of abdominal pain aren't serious, sometimes ... Read More »

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My stomach hurts a little below my belly button?

probably just a stomach cramp, nothing to worry about :)

I got my belly pierced about 7 weeks ago and now it hurts more than before.. ( infection) how can cure it?

If you suspect infection, see your doctor. Antibacterial SoapThe optimal way to care for your piercing is to clean it twice daily (If you are physically active, try to schedule your cleanings after... Read More »

I'm a girl and my throat hurts and my voice feels deep it hurts when I talk please HELP!!!?

Tight neck muscles will press into your throat with enough pressure to trap your tongue muscle there to make it hard and painful to swallow, your sore throat. When the muscles going to your larynx... Read More »

Are you pregnant with two missed periods and no such other symptoms but a very much bloated upper belly with lower belly remains in same size?

you could but also could not it could be a stress problem interfering