It feels like my cast is getting smaller on my foot?

Answer You may be experiencing swelling around the fracture site. This is fairly common, and may come and go- so your cast can feel tighter or looser. If the feeling becomes uncomfortably tight, sit for a... Read More »

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It feels like I've broken my foot, but there's no bruising/swelling?

Sorry to say but the only way to find out is to go to the doctors and have it x rayed. From my experience it doesn't sound like its broken because it didn't hurt immediately but you never know. It ... Read More »

My wrist feels like it keeps getting sprained but I never do anything to it..?

How much typing do you do? You sound young, so at your age I would say that you most likely have a repetitive motion injury or carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. You can prevent this to some ext... Read More »

How do I make it look like I broke my foot without a cast?

Okie dokey. Paper mache a cast of your own. Paint it all black and viola

I get these sharp pains in my neck sometimes almost feels like i'm getting shocked.?

You most likely have a pinched nerve in your C Spine area, Or maybe even a disc problem. Its hard to say without a MRI though, X Rays usually don't show things like this. Try icing the back of your... Read More »