It burns when i wee and have pain in my left side..?

Answer The cola looking urine is a classic sign of blood in the urine, and a major symptom of a disease called post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis. Pretty much, if you have had a sore throat (strep) re... Read More »

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I feel pain on the left side of my stomach, close to my ovaries & it's only on my left side, should I worry?

Ovarian cysts often cause no symptoms, however when symptoms are present, ovarian cysts may cause a dull ache or a sense of fullness or pressure in the abdomen (and in my case everytime I have had ... Read More »

Sharp pain in the left side of my chest that lasted about 5 min, my left arm was weak, was it a heart attack?

probably not a heart attack if the pain only lasted about 5 min. Could have been a mild stroke. Going to the ER is probably not necessary NOW. Symptoms of heart attack include chest, arm, neck, ... Read More »

I have pain in back of my head right and left side and pain in both eyes. I must let you know that in Aug 07,?

Oh hun, you know, it sounds like you have sinus pressure going on! I have the same symptoms when my sinuses are angry!!Even so, it would be best to see your oncologist to make sure. Possibly, will ... Read More »

Pain under rib cage on the left side?

My guess is the areas movement. Maybe eating alot then just started eating small portions. Basically the cause is your organs space, when it changes sizes dramatically. That is my guess