It Is August & My Mums Are Not Blooming Yet?

Answer Chrysanthemums, or mums, are traditional fall flowers that have been cultivated for over 2,000 years in China and 1,000 years in Japan. Some varieties of mums will start blooming in August, but mos... Read More »

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Lilac bush that bloomed in the spring is now blooming again at the end of August?

Me too!! Weird - it's never happened here in Z4 N.Dak before, I've got a ten foot tall 120 foot long lilac hedge on my south property line but it's only got "ONE" flower.You've reminded me to go ou... Read More »

Wow - what is with this war between breastfeeding mums and non breastfeeding mums?

i dont wanna breast feed when my babys born for my own reasonsim fed up of people preaching to me to breast feed, i think its stupid, i wouldnt say anything to anyone for either breast feeding or n... Read More »

Why do night blooming plants have less colorful flowers than day blooming plants?

Because at night there is less light, so the chlorophyll inside the plant does not give of enough wave lengths of green, so the plant in result turns out less colorful. Answer: Flowers polinated by... Read More »

One for the mums?

Oh, brilliant!So true, so true!When you get to number five, like me a hardened veteran, you balance the baby over your arm, while putting on the kettle and talking into the phone at the same time..... Read More »