It Hurts When I Breathe, and I'm having a throbbing/stinging in my heart area.?

Answer Well obviously you need to see a doctor. However, it sounds like pleurisy which is a condition of the lungs. If that's what it is it won't kill you but it can be very painful. Try to adjust the ... Read More »

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My heart hurts when I breathe?

Depends on your age in teens it goes away with time. However underlying counts too, better get cardiac problem ruled out.

My heart hurts when I breathe in?

Benign chest wall pain is most likely a transient and fleeting irritation of the pleura, the slippery membrane that lines and protects the lungs. The pleura are very sensitive to pain, and for reas... Read More »

What do you do when your back hurts so bad that it hurts to breathe?

calm mind lay on hard surface ..breath slowly deep as you can ..pain is just fear leaving the body brave mooooyour heart will see you through ..woof ..crop circles ...right...

I am lying down and im having sharp pains in my chest/ heart area, inside when i breath. Help Please.?

I was diagnosed with costochondritis at first, but then they figured out that it is chronic myofascial pain (which is very similar to fibromyalgia). You probably have a trigger point (a knot in the... Read More »