Isuzu Bumper Replacement?

Answer Changing out the bumper on your Isuzu is not very time consuming to do. The only issue you will find with removing the bumper is the size of the bumper. You may require assistance, as the bumper is... Read More »

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Impala Bumper Cover Replacement Instructions?

Replacing the bumper cover on your Chevrolet Impala is an incredibly easy task. The bumper cover is secured to the fender by two screws on each side of the cover. Once these screws are uninstalled,... Read More »

Blazer Rear Bumper Replacement Instructions?

The Blazer is a dependable SUV that is quite popular today. Sometimes due either to damage or to a new paint job/modification, it is necessary to replace the rear bumper of your Blazer. Rear bumper... Read More »

'96 Taurus Rear Bumper Replacement Instructions?

Minor fender benders are a fact of life. If your 1996 Ford Taurus ever gets rear-ended there is a good chance your rear bumper may sustain damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may n... Read More »

Crown Victoria Bumper Replacement Instructions?

Ford Crown Victorias are the standard police cruiser model and are also a popular consumer car. Replacing a Crown Victoria bumper requires a new bumper, a few simple tools and the hardware to insta... Read More »