Issues with paying back osap! Please help.?

Answer 6 months after the end date reported by the university -- so if you dropped out in March, your repayment starts September-ish, OSAP expects you to start paying. You need to submit a "continuation ... Read More »

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Dr Phil please help you your daugther is to get married oct 18th and she is going thru some real issues you know ms Winfrey thur her child sweet heart Anthony otey please help and to ms oprey please h?

PLEASE help me with hdmi issues?

Good news - you do have HDMI output!After viewing your laptop picture i was able to detect it - it's the third output from left.You see, in the most left output you can see a VGA output, right next... Read More »

Please help, i cannot find a receipt for a kodak printer, i hve some issues going on with it.?

email them or find one of their dealersThe should be able to tell you when it was sold by the S/N number

Back To School Help Please, with a BANG!!? you have been a so-so student and also some shade of beige in terms of how you have felt, socially. Except that you are really in pain because of your isolation, so much that you actuall... Read More »