Issues with paying back osap! Please help.?

Answer 6 months after the end date reported by the university -- so if you dropped out in March, your repayment starts September-ish, OSAP expects you to start paying. You need to submit a "continuation ... Read More »

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How do student loans work Once I start paying them back, do I have to pay back consistently?

It seems like everyone who answers on this subject just refer you to a website. Here's my knowledge so far on my son's student loan... He just got accepted for his first fiscal year in school and ... Read More »


how long is your program? i think OSAP requires it to be 12 weeks. does your school have financial aid? usually they have scholarship, bursaries and loan program to those having difficulty paying.

Paying back financial aid!?

The school did a "return to title iv refund" (r2t4). When you withdraw from college, a percentage of your aid may be returned to the feds. When that happens, you will owe the college/university. ... Read More »

Can i really buy a home paying only back taxes?

On One Hand: Buying a Tax Sale Home Is CheaperIt is possible to buy a house for the balance of taxes owed on the home. Most municipalities offer individuals the opportunity to purchase homes for th... Read More »