Issues with Recycle Bins?

Answer Recycling allows you to sort your trash and give back to the environment at the same time. Recycling bins help make this process easier, but there are some issues to be aware of when establishing a... Read More »

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Different Types of Recycle Bins?

The process of recycling uses old waste plastics, paper, metals and glass to create new products and reduce the amount of refuse disposed of in area landfills. However, an integral part of this pro... Read More »

Can a USER customized the Time that a FILE can spend inside the RECYCLE BIN (Windows Recycle Bin)?

You did not state which version of the Windows operating system. But there really is no way to set a time limit with the typical Windows environment. You will need to find a Third-Party applicati... Read More »

Ok, so i wanted to uninstall a program. so i deleted it into my recycle bin, then i emptied the recycle bin.?

No, you have to go to control panel and go to add and remove programs, that will fully uninstall any program that they list.

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