Issues in early child education?

Answer yeah lack of options is onelow funding is anotherovercrowded rooms is anotherno more seats to admit more students so they have to go to other schoolshaving to make the classes 1/2 daylike there's a... Read More »

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Stages of Early Child Education?

Children develop at different paces, but there is a general correspondence between age and ability to learn. Most children fall within the normal range of development, and the pace of their ability... Read More »

Do you believe students with an Associate's Degree in Early Child Education are more qualified?

I'm going into an ECE/Montessori training program in the fall. I personally would not feel qualified to teach a preschool class without it. If you need a degree to teach older kids, why wouldn't yo... Read More »

I need a 3-year old child for observation regarding my Early Childhood Education Project..I don't seem to...?

Why would you want to watch a video? You would get a much better observation if you observe a child in a preschool classroom. Call a daycare or preschool near you and ask if you can come observe,... Read More »

Can you teach in an Early Head Start with an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education?

Hi there,I currently work as an Education Coordinator for a Head Start agency. The previous responses are correct in that state child care regulations require different levels of education for pro... Read More »