Issue with BitDefender Antivirus and Customer support ignoring my support ticket.?

Answer first get ur money back right away, ask for refund or have ur credit card get it back, mind does, 1 thing can't give the right advice without more details on ur what bard of com. what operating sys... Read More »

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I can't get hold of hp customer support?

Last night my HP printer started malfunctioning and I was just clueless and had no idea how to fix i tried everything available on internet. Then I found HP customer support number and Bingo!.Here ... Read More »

Customer support -Can anyone understand them.?

They won't be able to tell you. While I've had some good experiences, most have been poor. I have been known to just "hang up" and try again, but that is so annoying because there goes another 40... Read More »

Does Symantec Antivirus 10.0 support Windows Vista?

No, Symantec AntiVirus 10.0 does not support the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system; this version of the program works only with earlier versions like Windows XP. Symantec developed a special... Read More »

Job Description of a Customer Support Manager?

A customer support manager readies a company's sales team, often referred to as customer service representatives. Customer support managers normally work for call centers, where they instruct repre... Read More »