Issue with BitDefender Antivirus and Customer support ignoring my support ticket.?

Answer first get ur money back right away, ask for refund or have ur credit card get it back, mind does, 1 thing can't give the right advice without more details on ur what bard of com. what operating sys... Read More »

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What is the best VoIP PBX system with excellent customer support and services in California?

a California company! also has VoIP fax service....

How do I remove Antivirus 360 with Bitdefender?

Open BitDefender 2010Click on "Start" and then "Programs" and then "BitDefender 2010" and then "BitDefender Internet Security 2010." Alternatively, you can click on the BitDefender icon located in ... Read More »

Is BitDefender Antivirus Plus v10 compatible with Windows Vista 64bit?

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 10 does not support Windows Vista 64-bit. However, BitDefender Antivirus Plus version 10.2 and later supports 32-bit editions of Windows Vista. Additionally, it supports ... Read More »

Is child support due with no custodial parents. I have a 17 year old who lives with his 19 year old brother and the non-custodial mother is trying to get support payments?

Usually the support does not stop until the child is 18 and in some states even later. It depends on what your agreement says. But you can't just stop like that. You have to notify the court and ma... Read More »