Is"sphagnum"the Latin name for moss?

Answer The word sphagnum originates from the Latin "sphagnos," which means moss. The Latin name for sphagnum moss is Sphagnum cymbilifolium. This green leafy plant grows in large patches and is very heart... Read More »

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What is the scientific name for sphagnum moss?

The family scientific name for sphagnum moss is Sphagnaceae and the scientific name is Sphagnum sp. The family common name is peat moss, and common names are sphagnum moss and peat moss.Source:NRCS... Read More »

What is the scientific name for peat moss?

The scientific genus name of peat moss is Sphagnum. Each species of peat moss has a scientific name composed of two words: Sphagnum plus another word that describes the species under consideratio... Read More »

What is the Latin name for the emu?

The emu, native to the grassy plains and open forests of Australia, belongs to a primitive group of flightless running birds called ratites. The emu's scientific name is Dromaius novaehollandiae. C... Read More »

What is the Latin name for photography?

It is Photography.Photography comes from 2 greek words Photo is the stem that means "light" and graphein is the verb that means "to write" so literally, photography means writing with light