Is"people"singular or plural?

Answer According to Pearson Education, you can use "people" in a plural or singular sense. When used to mean multiple people, such as "People were laughing at the movie," it is plural. When referring to a... Read More »

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How to Write in Plural?

Writing in plural is one of the earliest grammar rules we learn. However, there can still be confusion on how to write plurals when you are in school. Some adults even have a hard time understandin... Read More »

Is militia singular or plural?

The word "militia" is singular and denotes one group of citizens or armed forces. "Militias" is the standard word used to describe more than one militia or group. The word comes from the Latin suff... Read More »

How do you say computer mouse plural?

"Mice" or "mouses" are both acceptable. Although its name is based on the animal, a computer mouse is not considered an animal, so it does not have to follow "flock" semantics. If the part was call... Read More »

What is the plural of condominium?