Isolation in the Workplace Due to Technology?

Answer The industrial revolution, and the later computer revolution based upon it, made many well-known promises. These promises tended to revolve around freedom, less work, more free time and more conven... Read More »

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About Technology Breakdowns in the Workplace?

Business technology continues to grow and evolve, and most employees depend on some form of computer to perform their duties. If an employee does not use a computer directly, chances are that a sup... Read More »

The Stages of Isolation?

Isolation can be a major symptom and signifier for people with anxiety and depression issues. Defined as withdrawing from people and the world, isolation is an early indicator for mental health iss... Read More »

The Effects of Isolation on Dogs?

Dogs are pack animals that thrive on social interactions with people and other animals. A healthy, well-adjusted dog is stress free, in good physical health, shows species-typical behaviors and han... Read More »

How to Teach Phonics in Isolation?

Phonics is an instructional reading method that emphasizes the letter/sound association. Children learn to read by mastering skills systematically beginning with alphabet recognition and sound iden... Read More »