Isn't this the greatest website of ALL TIME...?

Answer site...can go there when i'm bored..tnks!Watermelon taste like chcken!! lol

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Google denied my removal requests of photos. Is this because the website these photos are originally from isnt?

If they are on my space don't just close the account, delete the photos Some sites like FB keep them in cache in hopes you reopen the account

Star this question if you believe michael jackson was the greatest entertainer of all time?

No doubt about it, MJ is the greatest entertainer of ALL time: Past, Present & Future!Wish I could star this question 3 trillion times!To ALL MJ fans: Thank You all for supporting MJ'S legacy!We ... Read More »

Since everyone knows that the Cure is the greatest band of all time, who do you think is the second greatest?

the Cure of course - they're so good they take up two spots

Why isnt my casio watch never on time?

Your answer is the 4th word of your question. Casio is a budget brand. Accuracy is fine for normal use, but if super accuracy is essential to you, you're going to have to shell out bigger bucks.And... Read More »