Isn't this the BEST feeling in the WORLD . . . .?

Answer lmao, this is the best question EVER.yes i absolutely love that feeling, : )))ahah it just never left my thought-bubble. HAH! have a good weeked. you just made my day. lmao!STAAAAAAR.

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Isnt every one in the world?

In a way...yes. But you have to remember that just because Adam and Eve were the FIRST...doesn't mean they were the only. When Cain killed his brother, Abel, and after GOD marked him, the Bible sai... Read More »

My Cyberlink Youcam isnt recording sound, why isnt it working?

Open the Cyberlink YouCam program. Go to the top left and see 2 tabs a pic of a folder and a pic of some tools, click on the tools and make sure that audio (capture with audio) is checked.

My wifi network isnt connecting&isnt showing up?

Question one IS your wifi button the one with the ( ( i ) ) symbol on or off? if OFF turn it ON. it should be lit and glowing brightly. This IS the Normal “state” of all laptops. {{ that is if... Read More »

Ever have that feeling that your world is slowly crumbling down around you...?

Oh dear, that is sad Geo. :(I'm sure your son will be just fine soon. Stay strong.Good luck with everything.- Katey