Isn't the new youtube style stupid?

Answer oh yeah i saw it like a few mins ago, why can't they just leave it like it's always been? I mean, I don't like the new channels either, the old ones were better

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Is it stupid that my friend isnt allowed to wear a tampon!!!!!?

Please ask your friend about her culture and religion. Many different religions have traditions and beliefs around menstruation and what might be odd to us is accepted tradition in their faith. I... Read More »

Do you like our youtube channels isnt it the best?

Hi, You are doing fine .you only need more time on youtube to get more subsI would like to recommend you :1.-Promote and connect your channel with a twitter , facebook or goggle + account around th... Read More »

Youtube isnt working?

Just try again. Your computer was too slow. It does that all the time.

Why isnt youtube working right now?