Isn't that 'article' on the main yahoo page a little disrespectful?

Answer YAhoo often have stupid or offensive articles...the worst I saw advised women on how to "catch a man"! I dont need to catch one thatnks..mine came without the use of a fishing rod or any other aids.

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Please let me know how to move any article in wikipedia from private user page to main entry.?

If you have the "Move" tab at the top of that page, use it.Otherwise go to this link and paste the text:…Don't use the honorific "Sri"s in the title to com... Read More »

How can you tell if you are on a fake yahoo page that yahoo talks of?

First off all..... were are you talking about??? which pages??ausblue... stuff like answers, just watch the address bar up top... (we go through Aust servers, so we wi... Read More »

How to Get Your Article on the First Page of Google?

The first page of Google, fancy ha? Wouldn't you love to have each article you publish on your site to be ranked within the first page of Google? Of course you do, which is what this article is all... Read More »

Did you know that 1 in 3 laptops will fail within 3 years Article on Yahoo says....?

I wish we could be a society like in my mothers day. She was a depression baby. She still has a toaster that is from my childhood and it works perfectly. It goes tic tic tic tic. Things were made b... Read More »