Isn't it a woman's "choice" of having sex when ovulating and unprotected sex or not?

Answer It is the womans choice to take precautions but abortion is the answer for irresponsible and immoral people who want to justify killing a baby because it is an inconvenience. Two words: Selfish, Sl... Read More »

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What are the odds of getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex several times while ovulating and he comes inside of you?

You had unprotected sex on the day you were supposed to ovulating and now you have a feeling in your stomach and a heavy thin white milky discharge could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Answerit really could my advice is to get a home pregnancy test. it could be your body discharging his semen but i wouldn't take a

My Cyberlink Youcam isnt recording sound, why isnt it working?

Open the Cyberlink YouCam program. Go to the top left and see 2 tabs a pic of a folder and a pic of some tools, click on the tools and make sure that audio (capture with audio) is checked.

My wifi network isnt connecting&isnt showing up?

Question one IS your wifi button the one with the ( ( i ) ) symbol on or off? if OFF turn it ON. it should be lit and glowing brightly. This IS the Normal “state” of all laptops. {{ that is if... Read More »