Isanity workout dvd will it work for me?

Answer Yes go for it,.. It shall get u more tonedAn if u want to build more muscle then weight train..

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Is it better to eat and then work out or workout then eat?

Actually both. A small carb filled meal 30-45 minutes before to help with energy levels then a protein filled meal 30-45 minutes after to help with repairing and building your muscles. Doing it thi... Read More »

Will this workout work?

yes i do one similar to this but i add a little more to it but ya any of those things work.

Do I need a special kind of Hula Hoop in order for the workout to work?

If you're getting one of those thin children's plastic hula hoops, I'm afraid you're not going to see much results. Those are really for child's play, not a workout. You should get these weighted h... Read More »

How often do you work out in a week What are your favourite workout activities (e.g gym, yoga, swimming)?

5 days a week, and alternates between running and pumping iron at the gym. For workouts, it's recommended that you work only one part of your body per day, and rest adequately before you start anot... Read More »