Is"The Phantom of the Opera"a true story?

Answer Author Gaston Leroux included information about certain actual events in "The Phantom of the Opera" but the story itself is fiction. Leroux was a journalist who collected information about the Pari... Read More »

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What is the story of'The Phantom of the Opera'?

French author Gaston Leroux wrote "The Phantom of the Opera" in 1911. The story later served as the inspiration for a silent film starring Lon Chaney and, most famously, a Broadway musical written ... Read More »

Is Les miserable a true story?

No, Les Miserables is a fictional story, written by Victor Hugo. It is however inspired by the real political & social climate in 19th-century France.

How to Write a True Story?

Writing a true story can be difficult. Here are some tips on how to write a true story. If you are writing a true story it may help let your feelings out.

How to Dress up As Erik (the Phantom) from the Phantom of the Opera?

Have you ever wanted to dress up as Erik (the Phantom) from "The Phantom of the Opera"? Well, now you can just by following a few simple steps.