Is"Jurate"a male or female name?

Answer On One Hand: It's a Girl!Jurate is a Lithuanian name meaning "Amber." Pronounced "yuu-ra-the," Jurate is likely to be a girl's name 73 percent of the time. Variations include "Jure," "Jura," "Jute"... Read More »

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Is San a male or female name?

The female name San is a variation of the English name Sanny, which means the sandpiper bird. San is also a Chinese name for both a male or a female. In China, San means "three," and the name is of... Read More »

Is Jolanta a male or female name?

On One Hand: "Jolanta" is a feminine nameAccording to Behind the Name, a website that specializes in providing the etymology and history of first names, "Jolanta" is a Polish form of "Yolanda," a f... Read More »

Is Hollis a male or female name?

Hollis can either be a male or female's name, but it is a name found more common in males. Hollis is used as a girl's name six percent of the time, versus the 93 percent of the time that males are ... Read More »

Is the name Brandt male or female?

Brandt is a male name. It is a variant of the Old English names Brand and Brant. The meaning of the name is sword, fiery torch and beacon. While not a common first name for boys, it is a common las... Read More »