Is"Henneberger"a Jewish last name?

Answer The last name Henneberger is not a Jewish surname. This name is classified as a habitational name--one that originates from a particular location--in this case, for an individual who is from Henneb... Read More »

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Is Graham a Jewish last name?

The name "Graham" is not Jewish in origin. It is an English surname and given name, meaning "homestead" or "abode." The U.S. Census Bureau has determined that the name is quite common in the U.S.So... Read More »

Is lott a jewish last name?

The last name Lott is primarily an English name and may also be derived from a Hebrew personal name that meant "covering." It is not traditionally considered a Jewish last name. The first known rec... Read More »

Is the last name uzel jewish?

Uzel is not traditionally a Jewish name. Uzel is a surname of Czech or Romanian origins. It is a relatively rare name in the United States, as WhitePages reports only 114 U.S. citizens bearing th... Read More »

Is the last name hirsch jewish?

While the word is of German origin, meaning "deer," Hirsch is a common last name for Jews whose families lived in German-speaking areas of Europe. Prominent Jews with this name include the famous R... Read More »