Is zucchini a vegetable?

Answer A Zucchini is an immature Vegetable Marrow so is a fruit, but it is normally used as a vegetable.

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What kind of vegetable is zucchini?

The zucchini squash is a member of the gourd family, which includes trailing or climbing plants with tendrils that anchor the stem to the ground. Other members of the gourd family include pumpkin, ... Read More »

Is zucchini a fruit?

Zucchini is a summer squash with smooth, green skin. Shaped like a cucumber but larger in size, a zucchini is considered a vegetable. Other names for a zucchini include courgette and vegetable marr... Read More »

Is a fig a fruit or vegetable?

The fig is a tree Ficus Carica grown for its fruit since ancient times, so a fig is a fruit. Botanically all of the plant kingdom are vegetable matter but horticulturally a vegetable is a plant eit... Read More »

Is paw-paw a fruit or vegetable?

Paw Paw is a fruit. In some countries, it is also known as papaya.