Is zetia a statin?

Answer ZETIA (ezetimibe) is not a statin drug. ZETIA works to reduce cholesterol by blocking its absorption from food in the intestines and is recommended in conjunction with a cholesterol-lowering diet. ... Read More »

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Is Zetia statin?

The cholesterol-lowering drug Zetia is not a statin. Some doctors may prescribe Zetia along with a statin if necessary. Zetia is the brand name version of ezetimibe, which is meant to reduce absorp... Read More »

Is the medication Zetia a statin?

The prescription drug Zetia, also known as Zetia Ezetimibe, is not classified as a statin. However, its purpose is similar to a statin in that it is used to lower cholesterol. While statins work on... Read More »

Is the drug Zetia a statin?

The prescription drug Zetia (Ezetimibe) is not a statin. Statins work primarily on cholesterol when it reaches the liver. Zetia actually blocks the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive tract.... Read More »

Is Zetia considered a statin?

Zetia (generic name ezetimibe) is a medication for lowering blood cholesterol. It is not a statin drug, which prevents the body from producing cholesterol. Zetia, available only by prescription, wo... Read More »