Is zeolite sodium aluminosilicate?

Answer Sodium aluminosilicate is one form of zeolite. Zeolites, in general, are defined as crystalline aluminosilicates with a cage structure, and that structure can include a variety of elements, includi... Read More »

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What is the chemical formula for sodium aluminosilicate?

The molecular (or chemical) formula for sodium aluminosilicate is AlNa12SiO5. This white powder's molecule is comprised of one aluminum (Al), 12 sodium (Na), one silicon (Si) and five oxygen (O) at... Read More »

How to Correct Low Blood Sodium by Eating High Sodium Foods?

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What Is the Recommended Daily Sodium Intake on a Low-Sodium Diet?

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What is the difference between sodium nitrate&sodium nitrite?

Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are chemical compounds found primarily in foods. The two are commonly, but incorrectly, used interchangeably. Both sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite play a role in... Read More »