Is youtube really going to shut down tomorrow?

Answer No. Who told you that lie?

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Is Facebook really going to shut down?

It's not true, it's a rumor that was created by mixing two different news.On the other hand, as Goldman Sachs recently invested $500 millon in the company, it's impossible for Facebook to close any... Read More »

Is youtube really gonna shut down on september?

Well, youtube was bought by google some time ago, the only way it would shut down is iff Google its self shuts down which we all know is never going to happen.

Is myspace and facebook really going to shut down soon?

I seriously don't believe it one bit. They'd notify us through Facebook / MySpace (through a message or a notification bar thing at the top of the page) saying that they are closing down and to giv... Read More »

Is Wikipedia going to be shut down?

No, Wikipedia is doing OK. Fund raising is adequate but could be better.