Is your vigina suppose to hurt at 34 weeks pregnant?

Answer Yes its normal. As long as there is no major bleeding. Spotting is normal at this point to. U may also start to feel pain in ur pelvic bone. Its just ur joints loosening up. Ur pelvis isn't actuall... Read More »

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Does your tummy suppose to hurt while your pregnant?

Yes it can do that because the uterus is growing to accommodate the fetus. Depends on what kind of pain though. if you are worried contact your doctor.

36.5 weeks pregnant and feels like baby is trying to scratch herself out of my vigina?

I've had the same feeling for about 2 weeks now. My midwife said it is because of how shes sitting. She has completely dropped, head down, and has this habit of wanting her hands near her face. ... Read More »

At 11 and a half weeks pregnant is it normal if your breasts do not hurt anymore?

Answer Yes, some women never have breast tenderness and some have it the entire pregnancy. All women are different. Your breasts may become sore again later on. They be get sore off and on the e... Read More »

If you are six weeks pregnant will it hurt the baby if you use a laptop computer on your lap since it gets warm?

Answer No, It will not hurt the baby. Even if you were to sit in a hot tub for an extended amount of time, you would over heat before the baby would. If you feel like you yourself are getting too ... Read More »