Is your step sister's mom related to you?

Answer Your step-sister got to be your step-sister because her mother married your father. So her mother is your step-mother. That is how she is related to you, as your step-mother.

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How is your sisters husband related to me?

How are you related to your sisters grandaughter?

My sister's daughter (the FIRST "little girl" in the question) would be my Niece, therefore making me her Aunt. Once my Niece had a daughter (the SECOND "little girl" in the question) she would be... Read More »

Is your sisters childred's children related to your?

Some children in extended families do well with that arrangement while others do less well. It depends on which extended family you are, f the relatives are bad, annoying, cruel you feel unhappy, b... Read More »

How am i related related to my sisters great granddaughter?