Is your sister part of your nuclear family?

Answer Yes, your sister is part of your nuclear family. A nuclear family usually consists of two parents, a mom and a dad, and however many number of children they have. Things like grandparents, aunts, u... Read More »

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In a letter how do you tell your sister that yourself and your family do not want her to be part of your lives?

What type of family is Turks of turkeyAre they nuclear or extended family?

No, a blood relative is someone who is descended from someone that you are also descended from. A brother-in-law is related to you in that way.

Nuclear family and extended family comparison?

A nuclear family is husband, wife and their non-adult children. An extended family is a nuclear family with their more distant relatives, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. Som... Read More »

How is a nuclear family different to a extended family?

A nuclear family includes parents, children, and any other relatives that live in the home, such as grandparents. The extended family are other relatives who do not live in the home, and can in som... Read More »