Is your left arm darker then your right?

Answer the whole left side of my body is darker.......what, dont you drive naked too?

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When you cross the road do you look left, right then left or right, left then right?

i like to look up, down, then up again

Why do headphones sound better if you put the right earbud in your left ear and the left earbud in your right ?

umm one of them might be louder than theother because i noticed that when one side my earbuds break like say the rigth one did i wont be able to hear the background guitar music or some of the dru... Read More »

How do you get a divorce and custody of your children in the UK if your husband was physically abusive in your marriage but you then comitted adultery and left him with the kids for a couple of weeks?

Answer You are really going to need a good lawyer for this one. No matter what the circumstance you deserted your children and left them in a dangerous environment and it will appear to the courts... Read More »

If you shove your LEFT earplug to your RIGHT ear, would that damage your hearing or something O.o?

The angle of the attachment of right plug is different from that of the left and it can not be securely hold to the opposite ear. This can make an imperfect reception.But this is not going to damag... Read More »