Is your credit score affected by how many accounts you have?

Answer On One Hand: Too Many Accounts Can Be BadYour credit score does take into consideration the number of revolving accounts that you have. If you have more than seven credit cards, your credit score w... Read More »

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How to Improve My Credit Score if I Have Several Accounts in Collections?

Collection accounts are very bad marks on your credit reports, guaranteed to pull down your score. Improving your scores while allowing the collection accounts to remain will be very difficult. How... Read More »

Does opening&closing bank accounts affect your credit score?

Opening or closing a bank account does not affect your credit score, according to Some companies, however, do track a specialty consumer banking report that creditors may look at when... Read More »

Is my credit score affected if someone conducts a credit search on me?

Whether a credit search--called an inquiry--impacts your credit score depends on the kind of inquiry. A "soft pull," like the ones conducted by a company seeing if you pre-qualify for a credit card... Read More »

How much is a credit score affected by buying a car?

Your credit score is not affected at all by buying a car. What will affect a credit score is financing a car and failing to meet the payment obligations. Your payment history makes up 35 percent of... Read More »