Is your braces still working when it stops hurting you?

Answer Even when your teeth or jaw are not in pain your braces are still working.Your teeth slowly move and straighten slowly ripping apart inside and tightening together. This process happens over and ov... Read More »

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If my braces aren't hurting, are my teeth still moving?

Hello Rose,It comes to the conclusion that everyone is different and will have different experiences with braces. Some people will experience pain that they will need to take paracetamol while othe... Read More »

Why would you get back pains when you drink but it stops hurting when the 'buzz' goes away?

If you're already dehydrated when you start drinking, or are taking Tylenol, Aleve (or anything containing them), or anything else that puts a strain on the kidneys, the resulting pain from your ki... Read More »

What is wrong when the teeth your dentist filled are still hurting three weeks later?

Answer It means that might have a small hole in your tooth with the filling ( which might not be visible.) you will have to go to the dentist again to see if the cavity has continued to grow in you... Read More »

When will my braces stop hurting?

Oh, it depends. I've had braces and mine stopped hurting in about 2 days. But, my friends got them too and some hurt for about a week. It will also hurt when you get them tightened every few weeks ... Read More »