Is your baby safe at nine week pregnant?

Answer No. That is still very early in the pregnancy.

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Is it safe to take your pill on the week your supposed to have your period can you still get pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello.If you continue to take BC... Read More »

Im nine weeks pregnant and still haveing sex is that safe?

Yes, unless you are a high risk pergnancy but you would know if you were because your doctor/midwife would have told you

You are a week late for your period a pregnancy test was negative If you are pregnant and you drank for the last couple of weekends will that harm your baby?

Answer It is highly unlikely a couple of drinks this early would harm your baby. If you are pregnant it would be wise to stop drinking though. Answer Hello -Drinking alcoholic drinks will harm t... Read More »

Will using a vibrator harm the baby in the womb while nine months pregnant?