Is you second toe longer than your first toe?

Answer yeah it shows intelligence.

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My TV is taking longer and longer to come on, any idea what could be wrong?

Probably a power supply problem. Many LCD tvs are having problems with bulging capacitors on the power boards. Some people can fix them themselves. Try a search for your exact model + capacitor ... Read More »

How do i get rid of a car i no longer want?

look in your local paper theres ads there saying well will take your car and pay you. even though theres work need doing on it you vould still get £50 for it, they will wvwn collect it for you. ... Read More »

How to Run for Longer?

Sustaining pace when running is very useful, whether running for the bus or just generally being able to keep running. Many people cannot run for long periods of time, this article should help you ... Read More »

How much longer do you think?

I've always heard that 4cm is considered active labor. My sister went in at 4 cm and delivered about 4 hours later, she progressed so quickly that she almost didn't get an epidural. If your contrac... Read More »