Is yoplait lite yogurt sweetened with aspartame?

Answer Yoplait Lite is not sweetened with aspartame. According to the company's website, this particular brand of yogurt contains the sweetener known as sucrose. Aspartame is found in Yoplait's "forme" br... Read More »

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Is Yoplait Light made with aspartame?

Yoplait Light flavored yogurt contains aspartame as its source of sweetener. People who suffer from phenylketonuria should be cautious of using any product containing aspartame as their bodies don'... Read More »

Facts About Yoplait Yogurt?

You can purchase a variety of Yoplait yogurt types and flavors at nearly any grocery store. Yoplait's product line includes both regular and light yogurts, kids' yogurts and smoothies. Each of the ... Read More »

Yoplait simplait yogurt!?

It could be that a dairy product is making you have a throat irritation if you have sinus drainage. As for the bacteria in yogurt, as far as I know, it is supposed to be the beneficial kind that he... Read More »

Can you freeze Yoplait yogurt?

Some Yoplait Yogurt brands can be frozen. In particular, certain brands of Yoplait Yogurt such as Yoplait's "Go-Gurt" brand of yogurt in a stick are encouraged by the manufacturer to be frozen and ... Read More »