Is yogurt a dairy product?

Answer Unless the label explicitly says otherwise, yogurt is a dairy product. Most North American manufactures make yogurt by fermenting cow's milk with a starter culture of Streptococcus thermophilus (ST... Read More »

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Uh... no. Eggs are not dairy. "Dairy" is something involving milk. Chickens do not give milk.If you're thinking in vegan/vegetarian terms, this is why some vegetarians call them selves "ovo-lacto... Read More »

Is soy milk a dairy product?

Soy milk is not a dairy product. It is derived from soybeans and does not contain lactose or milk proteins. It is also safe for vegans and vegetarians to consume.Source:Soyfoods Association of Nort... Read More »

Is goat milk a dairy product?

The word dairy refers to any type of milk or milk product, such as cheese and cream. Goat milk, just as with cow's milk, is a diary product, although it is not commonly sold in grocery stores.Sourc... Read More »

I have the flu, will yogurt spoil in my stomach like other dairy products?

when I had the flu and stomach pain I ate Activia it REALLY works the next day I felt 50 % better and by day 2 I felt 100 % better so try activia It didn't spoil my stomach so Probably not yours e... Read More »