Is yogurt a dairy product?

Answer Unless the label explicitly says otherwise, yogurt is a dairy product. Most North American manufactures make yogurt by fermenting cow's milk with a starter culture of Streptococcus thermophilus (ST... Read More »

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I have the flu, will yogurt spoil in my stomach like other dairy products?

when I had the flu and stomach pain I ate Activia it REALLY works the next day I felt 50 % better and by day 2 I felt 100 % better so try activia It didn't spoil my stomach so Probably not yours e... Read More »

Is soy milk a dairy product?

Soy milk is not a dairy product. It is derived from soybeans and does not contain lactose or milk proteins. It is also safe for vegans and vegetarians to consume.Source:Soyfoods Association of Nort... Read More »


Uh... no. Eggs are not dairy. "Dairy" is something involving milk. Chickens do not give milk.If you're thinking in vegan/vegetarian terms, this is why some vegetarians call them selves "ovo-lacto... Read More »

Any Quorn product that has no eggs or dairy?

I'm pretty sure there is a recent American version that was made vegan, but it hasn't made it over to the UK. Send them an email to ask about it. If they know people want it...Here you go...a quic... Read More »