Is server down or is it just me?

Answer ClosetMonkey - 2009-11-13 21:10:05Site is down at the moment but the problem is being addressed and will be fixed asap just keep trying ;) i will post back as soon as we are back online. Also every... Read More »

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Nikon SB 800 flash shutting down when I use Quantum battery or if I pump up the power It will just stop working after about 100 flashes. it works without shutting down when I just use the 4 batteries?

How do you purge I've tried just sticking my fingers down my throat but it doesn't work... i just gag?

Unless you downed poison accidentally, there is no sensible reason to purge. Even then, it is not a good idea. See a doctor. Why would you want to do that?

Wikipedia server down?

Working fine= -

Is the Youtube server down as of 7-14 5:00 AM EST?