Is ("is anyone up") illegal?

Answer Yes. Dude, most of the people that go there is scene kids that don't know any actualporn websites, lol.Also..1. The nudes are submitted anonymously. With that said, what if they're stolen? (99% are... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me, is it illegal to have passengers in the car with a learner driver driving?

it is not illegal, as some driving schools often have the previous learner in the car and the next learner drives them to their home

Has anyone actually had sucsess with getting youtube to remove illegal/abusive posts?

Good luck with that one. I found one,once that was,just sick, a guy talking about pedophiles like they were ok. Reported it and nothing happened.

If you receive a death threat letter in your mailbox and you're under 18 is it illegal to hide somewhere for a while without telling anyone?

Not illegal, just a really bad idea. If you receive a death threat in any form, take it to the police. They will be able to find out who sent it and arrange any necessary protection.

Can an US citizen marry an illegal person and adopt her illegal child in Massachusetts?