Is writing the plural of tomatoes as tomatos acceptable?

Answer "Tomatoes" is the proper plural of "Tomato". "Tomatos" is a very common misspelling.

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Why do tomatos split on the vine?

Tomatoes can split at the top for a variety of reasons.They can be over-ripe. Pick them a little on the early side and let them ripen further on a windowsill.They may have been grown under a wide ... Read More »

Ok fresh tomatos from the garden what can i make with then?

Why do tomatos get black spots on the bottom of them while they are green and still on the vine?

blossom end rot. hits certain types more then others. leaf roll, end rot and cracked fruit are all physiological. you control if you get them or not. uneven watering (letting them get to dry be... Read More »

Will It Affect My Tomatoes & Cause Walnut Wilt If My Tomatoes Are Near Pecan Trees?

Walnut wilt is a common disease of tomatoes grown within the extended root system of the black walnut tree or pecan tree. Other trees like sugar maple, hackberry and American elm produce similar ch... Read More »