Is wrapping hair healthy for your hair?

Answer On One Hand: Wrap SafetyStylists wrap colorful ribbons, strings and yarn adorned with beads, charms and trinkets around a small sections of hair to create a hair wrap. The wrap poses no harm to the... Read More »

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Wrapping Your Hair to Make it Straight?

Many women will wrap their hair at night to keep their hair looking silky smooth and straight all day long. Even with chemically straightened hair, sleeping can cause creases, kinks and curls. When... Read More »

Does Wrapping Your Hair Make it Grow?

Hair wraps are fun, decorative and exotic. They can add flair to your look, or show that you had a great time on your beach vacation. As funky and popular as they are, there's one thing wraps can't... Read More »

How to Lose Hair With Hair Wrapping?

Wrapping the hair is a popular and easy way to set the hair for wearing a straight hairstyle. The hair is combed down, and then gently brushed section by section around the head. Once all of the ha... Read More »

Hair Wrapping Instructions for Afro Hair?

Knowing how to wrap your afro-textured hair, whether it's in its naturally curly state or chemically straightened, is a great way to promote healthy hair growth. Hair wrapping doesn't rely on direc... Read More »