What do you think is worser cigarets or weed?

Answer Cigs because you can get addicted and they will end up costing you more money for nothing and where weed isnt addicting and you get a good side effect after you smoke it

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What is worser smoking or child abuse?

child abuse, because then you hurt children, but smoking you hurt yourself

What are examples of food that smell worser than they taste?

blue chesse,cod fish, horse stakes, eggplant, squash, garlic,onion,beets, horse radish

Does Anyone Know Waxx Baby Chick Fest Word,Easter Egg Hunt Word For 3/30,And The Goodwill Word For 3/29?

Baby Chick Fest Word - FLUFFYEaster Egg Hunt Word - HOPGoodwill Word - HELP

Im downloading open office now will i get word you know like microsoft word but their type of word 10 points?

Open Office has everything MS Office does, but better and with extras. Just remember when you are saving documents for others to use with Word or Excell to use File/save as and select the type as t... Read More »