I have a western digital ide hard drive and i am trying to put a maxtor ata hard drive with but it not working?

Answer Check the cable connections. Make sure that they are properly fitted and in the right position. If ide/ata/mobo connection is not the problem, then try to check you bios set-up. If it still is not ... Read More »

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Can working too hard hurt my fetus?

On One Hand: Greater Risk of ComplicationsWorking too hard may harm an expectant mother or her unborn child. According to the Mayo Clinic, women who work excessive hours, stand for long periods, li... Read More »

I want to know if i can get 3 hard drives working.?

HDDs use IDE interface which has 40 pins whilst floppy drives work with 34 pin interface,so they use their own cables and ports.Normally,you can install up to 4 IDE devices on your Pc,these can be ... Read More »

Would you pay £20/hour for an efficient/hard working gardener?

I don't have a garden - but my next house in a few years will have quite a big one with trees and shrubs and a lawn etc. so depending on how hard working he / she was, then I would probably pay aro... Read More »

What can cause a hard drive to suddenly stop working?

We run a busy PC repair shop, and see this happen 20 times + per week. There are some factors that can cause the premature demise of a hard drive such as power spikes, surges and even power outages... Read More »