Is wool carpet better for the environment than nylon carpet?

Answer Wool of course comes from shearing sheep which is a natural substance whereas, nylon carpet sometimes is made from recycled products in the plastic family which gives it usefullness compared to put... Read More »

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Is Nylon or Polyester Carpet Better?

The purpose of using a wireless router is to allow multiple computers the ability to use one Internet connection. One of the great features about a wireless router is the fact that they allow two d... Read More »

Is formaldehyde used in the making of nylon carpet?

Formaldehyde has not been used in the carpet manufacturing business since the 1970s. Neither nylon carpets--the most common carpeting--nor any other modern carpet contain formaldehyde. Carpet can a... Read More »

Tips for Cleaning a Nylon Carpet?

Nylon carpet fibers are used in half of all manufactured carpets, according to the Healthier Cleaning Products website. Homeowners with nylon carpet must use care when determining which cleaning pr... Read More »

How to Store a Wool Carpet?

Light is the biggest enemy to any textile, according to the The Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. Preserving a wool rug or carpet in storage means protecting the piece from high humidity, dust, in... Read More »